we make a living by what we get,​ but we can make a life by what we give
Winston Churchill

By giving, you can change many lives for the better

The charities on this page all rely on community funding. They receive gifts from twenty dollars up to thousands and every single gift is deeply valued and carefully used.

Please don't leave it all to others!


Australian Hardship Relief and Poverty Fund

AHRPF is one of the charities which has been providing for persons in necessitous circumstances over many years, funded entirely by gifts from members of our community. They provide support to anyone who meets the recognised measures of financial distress.

In 2016, these charities provided support worth more than $1,000,000 to eligible recipients. This support takes many forms such as assistance with food, accommodation, vital medical expenses or nursing.

Due to these uncertain times the needs are not diminishing. Please help AHRPF to continue this work.

Rapid Relief Team (rrt)

RRT completed nearly 400 events in Australia last year. Over 4,600 volunteers donated a total of more than 19,000 hours, serving 90,000 meals and giving away 3,400 cartons of water bottles.

In the process, RRT supported over 120 other charities in their selfless work, including 5000 meals at a single event for Variety The Children’s Charity.

RRT introduced a very successful high-productivity coffee trailer in 2016 and with your support will add two more of these this year for use in Victoria and Queensland.

We are committed to doing it all again this year and need your help!

Click here to visit the RRT Webpage

RRT Shop

Another valuable way you can support RRT is on their online shop which has a a quality range of merchandise for both personal and commercial use. All profits from online sales are applied to giving away similar products to people in need.

National Assistance Fund (naf)

All private schools have a need to raise funds to supplement government support. National Assistance Fund (NAF) has been a vital hub in the funding of our schools since 2004, meeting running costs not met by other sources. This central independent allocation ensures that what we do for one, we can do for all.

Distributing to NAF is an effective way for your business trust to support our education system.

NAF urgently needs increased funding to meet the ongoing needs of schools all around Australia.

Please support educational charities via NAF with your trust distributions this year.  

Benevolent Relief Fund

Giving to The Benevolent Relief Fund allows you to receive a tax deduction for any donation over $2, and provides the flexibility to allow these gifts to be applied where they are most needed.

Support RRT and AHRPF by giving to Benevolent Relief Fund now.

What is the Need

NAF $4,800,000
RRT $1,800,000
Poverty Funds
The funding needs of these charities for the next 12 months are shown on this chart.

Blue section represents support of NAF by business trusts – please resolve to help NAF this year!

Red and yellow sections are tax deductible donations to RRT and AHRPF.


Contact Us


The Benevolent Relief Fund
PO Box 546
Ermington NSW 1700